Child enjoys paintingThe Humboldt Preschool serves children ages 3 to kindergarten entrance. Younger Preschoolers ages 2 1/2 to 3 years are served in the Sparrow Room, and children over 3 years in the Egrets Preschool. Both classrooms provide an educational program for children. It is our belief that children learn best when they are provided with an opportunity to freely explore and interact within a stimulating environment. Indoor and outdoor activities are provided to include integrated experiences in creative and language arts, science, emotional and social skills, sensory exploration and self-help skills.


Child enjoys paintingThis classroom serves 24 older preschoolers with two credentialed teachers and additional part time assistant teachers. The philosophy of our program is to provide a safe, accepting environment where children develop at their own rate. We strive to enhance each child's self esteem by providing an environment where children can experience success. Our activities are planned around the children's interest and abilities, providing as much support as the child demonstrates a need for. We enjoy indoor cooking activities, creative dramatics, science, art, music and dance as well as outdoor climbing, swinging, gardening and many other activities.


A child in the Discovery RoomOur Sparrow Room offers a preschool program for the oldest toddlers and younger preschool-age children. The classroom serves 16 children in two groups, with two credentialed teachers and assistant teachers. The program provides not only a preschool curriculum but an environment for children who have not yet mastered independent toileting. The age-appropriate curriculum provided for these younger preschoolers allows open-ended sensory exploration, symbolic representation and much opportunity for social and language growth.